Twizzler's Magic

Twizzler's Magic
Sarah and her first horse

Monday, November 22, 2010

A "Rosey" Homecoming

This last weekend, we brought Rosie home.  She lived in Sultan, Wa and was now going to have a home with us in Harrison, ID.  Being late (really late) fall, it was kind of a crap shoot as to what the weather was going to be like when it came to bringing her home.  This weekend should have been crossed off of our list.
Greg had wanted to shoot for next weekend and be more prepared in more ways than one, and I really hoped we could also.  It sounded better.  Unfortunately, when I called the owner, it didn't really work out well for her.  I am always so worried about inconveniencing anyone, so we worked it out.  Saturday was great other than getting a late start.  I had a hotel all lined up with a pool, so Sarah enjoyed every minute. She is such a little "mermaid", as she puts it.  Sunday we woke up to a few flurries and after a quick dip in the pool and a good breakfast we hit the road.  Hubby started getting a little nervous and so we decided in and out when grabbing Rosie.  Unfortunately, she had not been loaded in a trailer for a whole lot of years, and this one was a smaller trailer and she is a bigger horse.  Well, besides trying to come out the side window, we got her closed in and ready to toll.  Unfortunately again, she was not a happy camper and made herself known. But by the time we got her going down the highway, she settled in nicely.
The roads were pretty good until we hit Snoqualmie Pass and then all heck broke loose.  It was a nightmare...a whole 3 hours of going 15-22 miles an hour in blizzard conditions towing a horse trailer.  Greg was white knuckling it the whole way.   When we finally made it through the pass, the roads started to improve around Che Elum.  After that, it was switching back and forth and the storm was right on our tail.  We were able to get up to 60 quite often when the roads cleared.  We stopped a few times to see about water, but Rosie was content eating her alfalfa.  We kept up with road condition via Dustin the whole way.  He was very helpful by letting us know what to expect.
Around 8:30, we made it into our drive.  We did not know how Rosie would react getting out of the trailer, so Margo and Lexi came down to help out.  She unloaded really good, having turned herself around and facing the door.  Lex ran her to help get her legs back and I think she really wanted to jump on her back right then and there.  She was happy to be able to experience a curly who's mane didn't fall out when you grab it.
We got Rosie settled into her round pen with some good Timothy hay and water.
When I fed her this morning, she was munching away and content.  Now I can relax...for the time being. 

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  1. Congratulations on getting her home! That does not sound like a fun trip. I'm glad you all got home safe.