Twizzler's Magic

Twizzler's Magic
Sarah and her first horse

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy on Horseback

Last week, Sarah's trainer Margo, invited us over to join her and Jessica Hammons on a trail ride.  Jessica is also new to the horse world and her kids take lessons with Margo and Sarah.  The ride was wonderful.  My daughter led the group riding Scooter, one of the ponies she uses in training.  I am not comfortable enough yet to let her have at it with Twiz on the trail. 
After saying that, halfway into the ride, my rein came loose on the right side.  It was one of those "Oh crap" moments, but I told Twiz "whoa" and she stopped on a dime.  Me, being the comedian I am, hollered out to Margo "hey, isn't ths supposed to be connected?" as I am waiving it in the air.  I hopped off and she helped me connect it back up.  Then, it hit!  How in the heck am I going my butt back in the saddle.  Having had knee surgery and not being as young and spry as I used to was like I was climbing Mt Everest!  Thankfully Margo's husband wandered by to go deer hunting and held the saddle on one side while I used a stump and jumped on.  I am going to invent a smart ladder for climbing on while I am on the trail. 
We had a great time and I was comfortable.  Again, It felt right and I cannot wait to continue our journey.

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  1. Cheri~ They do make stirrups that hinge and drop so that you can more easily remount out on the trail. Can't think right now what catalogs I have seen them in, but I'm sure I've seen them in more than one. You might want to check that out. ;-)